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Counseling and evaluation services for individuals, couples, children, adolescents, and their families

Raising children can be tough. They don’t come with a manual. Whether you’re dealing with disruptive behaviors from toddlers, or substance abusing and other risky behaviors with adolescents, the expert clinicians at Family First Psychotherapy are here to help your family thrive. 

We can help with...

Power struggles, irrational behavior, and/or tantrums with toddlers & young children (aged 0-6)

Many parents need help to guide their little one’s behavior without blowing their top. Get support from a professional trained in early childhood.
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Anxiety, depression, and emotional regulation for children and adolescents

Stress, anxiety, and depression impact many teens. It’s important for them to get the support they need in order to successfully transition into adulthood.
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Early defiance, disruptive behaviors, and/or testing of parental boundaries with children (aged 6-12)

The elementary school years often bring new challenges. That’s why it’s so important for parents to have good, balanced strategies to respond to their growing children.
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Parent Coaching

There’s no such thing as perfect parenting. Sometimes the mistakes are just as valuable as the successes. Get help from a non-judgmental therapist who understands the struggle.
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Defiance, substance abuse, school issues, and other risky behaviors among adolescents (aged 13-18)

Adolescence can be challenging. Low school motivation, drug and alcohol use, and/or trouble with the law make it even more overwhelming. Get support from trained expert.
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Comprehensive Testing and Evaluation (ages 7 and up)

Being in the dark about your child's struggles can be overwhelming. Our comprehensive psychological evaluation can help you figure out how to help your child or teen.
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Office Location

Offering services at our centralized East Bay location in Oakland, CA via telehealth (secure video)

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